~Soul Collecting~

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~Soul Collecting~

Post by Death Reaper on Mon Nov 28, 2011 3:19 pm

Anyone can collect souls.

The rules are pretty simple, if you're a student at DWMA (a meister/weapon), you will be provided with missions. You may choose whether or not you take the missions. It's completely up to you. On those missions your objective is often to retrieve the soul of a kishin egg. As said before, anyone can collect souls. Meisters often have 0 souls in their possession as they give them to their Weapons.

On these missions, you will often have a Moderator or Admin control the NPC for you, this providing more RP chances and such.

Now then.
For every mission you complete, the Weapon partner will receive one soul (Since meisters usually have no use for them), only if the assignment has been completed. Same applies to each team participating in the mission. Each weapon will get the same number of souls to be added to the directory. If you fail the assignment, you lose a soul. Simple as that.~
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